Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Be good to our planet, but don't forget to be good to yourself!

Here at Offset Warehouse we are all about promoting ethical clothing and interiors.  Being good to our planet is a big deal, but sometimes, we forget to be good to ourselves!

Introducing a skin care range called KORA Organics, by international super model Miranda Kerr.

This organic range of skin care products will have your skin glowing and you feeling refreshed and looking even more beautiful than you already are!  What you eat and your skin care regime is key when looking after yourself - so don't pump yourself full of chemicals!

If your worried that this is just another brand with someone's name on it, then fear no more! Miranda actually studied nutrition and health psychology before pursuing modelling - she knows her stuff!

As well as being actively involved in the products, she also writes a blog about nutrition and how to feel good on the inside as well as looking good on the outside!

Check out the website here... KORA Organics

So, eat your organic meals, apply your organic skincare and wear your ethical ensembles... you'll be looking and feeling a million dollars (or pounds)!

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