Thursday, 19 May 2011

Eco fabrics and buttons and tape OH MY!

Just a little update about all the fab, new fabrics, buttons and tape that have made their way onto the Offset fabric section!

Ecru colour
Tapes are sold in bulk of 500m, so we can offer them at great discounts!
£117.20/five cones/500m

Smooth to touch, not brushed surface, stiffer than polyamide viscose - not fluid, has a body, but not rigid.  Glued backing, which will fuse with heat. Woven - no stretch except on bias.  Samples not available, but there is a one meter minimum.

Recommended: always test fusibles on your face fabrics for durability, wash and glue push through.
Viscose is an artificial fibre, made from wood pulp.

To make viscose, wood pulp is treated with toxic chemicals such as caustic soda and sulphuric acid, but the raw material is sustainable.  A much more ethical alternative to anything else we've been able to find!

These buttons are made from the waste materials from coconuts.
No two buttons are the same, so please note, markings and colours will differ from the image and between buttons.
Buttons come in packs of 1000.  The size is in ligne, here is a size guideline:

40= 25mm = 1"
36= 23mm = 7/8"
34= 21mm = 6/7"
32= 20mm = 5/6"
30= 19mm = 3/4"
28= 17mm = 11/16"
24= 15mm = 5/8"
20= 13mm = 1/2"

A button's ligne, refers to a button's size. The word ligne, is a French word that became the standard reference used by German button manufacturers in the early eighteenth century. Ligne is the internationally recognized standard. What does it actually measure? To work out a ligne measurement in inches, divide by .0888, or cm divide by 2.2558.
£84.99/Pack of 1000

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