Friday, 17 June 2011

Fabric Friday!

We have added some gorgeous, luxury fabrics to the Offset Warehouse fabric shop...

Here are some of our fave's:

  • Hand-woven Indian noil, made from tussah wild silk cocoons.
  • Fibers are flat and non-uniform, creating a beautiful, irregular surface.  Slight irregularities and course surface, but not scratchy, and soft against skin.
  • Matt, dry, good drapability.  Fabric is extremely soft.
  • Very strong due to good quality, warp yarns that have been doubled.  Therefore, also suitable for interiors (for example curtains) as well as garments.
  • Handwashing of this material is possible, to make less stiff. 
  • Naturally occurring colour, undyed and unbleached 100% silk 
  • 140cm wide 
  • 430 g/m2
  • £29.90/Meter

  • Gorgeous, ivory colour.  Luxurious.  Beautiful sheen in the light.  Dry, lightweight, rigid drapability.  Slub filling prominant, creating a gorgeous linear effect (almost an irregular rib) along the width of the fabric. 
  • TECHNICAL: Lengthwise yarns are finer and more are used so they cover the crosswise yarns completely on both sides.
  • Fabric suitable for wedding dresses, eveningwear, suits and trimmings.
  • 65% hemp 35% tussah silk
  • 145cm (55") wide
  • 160 g/m2
  • £21.60/Meter

  • 100% organic cotton, brushed both sides.
  • A very soft, light flannel fabric. Nice for making baby items or anything requiring a warm yet light fabric.
  • 140 g/m2 
  • width: 160 cm (63'') 
  • £7.90/Meter

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