Thursday, 6 September 2012

Last few metres gotta go!
Practically GIVING it away! 
To help you help us save these last few meters from ending up in landfill, we're cracking down on all our prices and having a humongous SALE!

Making!Don't forget to use your leftovers for present wrapping!
Fabric Wrapping
Let's make make make!!

Retro Print Offset Warehouse Ahimsa Silk

£4 - For the whole lot!

100% natural dyed ahimsa silk - reduced to £9/m!!

Flowery Fabric

£3.29 - TOTAL!
Pinstripe cotton
(from a luxury brand)

£3 for all of it! ... need we say more

Flowery Fabric
Offset Warehouse Ahimsa Silk

£4/m- Gorgeous flower printed
cotton fabric (and lots to make
something wonderful out of)!

100% natural dyed ahimsa silk - reduced to £9/m!!

Cartoon Fabric Diamond Silk

£9.50 for the whole piece -
so sweet!

£3.99 diamond silk lining - take it all away.

Flowery Fabric Remnant Fabric

£9.99 For the whole flowery
explosion (that's £3 a metre!!


£6/m - Gorgeous quality chiffon... ridiculous price!

Stiff Lining Blue Ahimsa Peace Silk

£3.99 to take it all.  I think
we've gone mad.


£9/m - for 100% ahimsa silk  in the
most beautiful powder blue colour.

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