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Two days to go until...

"Key Skills For Informed Design

This Friday 2nd November!

Lecturer Profiles
Offset Warehouse Samples
Offset Warehouse Fair Trade
Charlie & Zandra Rhodes

Using the experience she has gained from the challenges she has faced sourcing ethical products and responsible production worldwide,Charlie offers an invaluable understanding of business, the fashion markets, technical design and manufacturing, and an in-depth knowledge of materials and production sourcing.

What gave you the idea for Offset Warehouse?
“Being a part of the fashion industry, and seeing how it works and how exploitative it can be, I just felt there had to be a better way: one which was fairer on both the producers and the environment. But there wasn’t anywhere to go to find what I was looking for. So I decided to create it! I firmly believe that being ethical should be easy – and Offset Warehouse makes it easy!
Charlie RossCharlie Ross 
Charlie Ross is the founder and Director of Offset Warehouse, an online resource that brings together every element required to create beautiful, ethical fashion and interiors. It includes production information, market research, designers, manufacturers, fabrics and raw materials.

Offset Warehouse also provides support for businesses of all sizes through a comprehensive Ethical Directory, a resources area and a consultancy service.
Charlie has a Master’s degree in Menswear Design from the Royal College of Art (RCA), and she has presented her designs and concepts to some of the biggest names in the fashion industry, including Umbro, Albini, Thierry Mugler and Brioni. She has shown her award-winning menswear collection in Italy and New Zealand.

What are you most excited to showcase at the Key Skills for Informed Design seminar?
"I'm bringing a huge selection of swatches with me and I just can't wait for everyone to get their hands on them and see the amazing different qualities being produced at the moment.  I'm particularly excited about some new 100% organic silks, and a fabric made from recycled petroleum that's waterproof - it's perfect for patio furniture and comes in amazing. bright colourways!  It's going to be brilliant!"

Zoe Fletcher Knitwear

Zoe Fletcher Shearing Sheep

What’s in store for the future?
“I have a new collection for Chantico. Also, four collections for People Tree. And I have just joined an amazing new collective called DUST – watch out for more developments very soon!”

 What will you be bringing to the Key Skills for Informed Design seminar?
The structure of the talk organised by Offset is fantastic - I wish there were more things like this around when I was researching!  As the set up is more of an interactive discussion, I have tonnes of naturally dyed samples, fibres and yarns and a presentation filled with media clips and visuals to showcase - it's going to be a great day!

Zoe Fletcher KnitwearZoe Fletcher
With her astounding technical knowledge and passion for knitwear, self-confessed perfectionist Zoe enjoys the total control that the medium allows – not just creating the design, but the fabric as well. A freelance consultant with her own label, Zoe’s work revolves around the idea of slowing down the fashion cycle, and exploring the possibilities of creating local fashions for local people using local resources, thus inspiring a new generation to connect with, and value, their clothing.

With experience including People Tree, TRAID and Chantico Alpaca Knitwear, Zoe is passionate about using inspirational knitwear to push the boundaries of British wool within the fashion sector. And by looking at traditional knitting techniques from a modern perspective, she hopes to forge links between different design sectors and communities, thereby creating a sustainable business model for the future.

What are you up to at the moment?
“I’m developing my new Zoe Grace Fletcher 2013 Collection using 100% British wool."

What has been the best part of it for you?
“Collaborating with lovely talented people, and seeing a final collection of physical objects after months of researching, learning and developing. Creating pieces in bold, bright colours has enabled me to challenge people’s perceptions of natural plant dyes, and has spurred me on to think bigger and bolder in the future.”

Did you learn anything new in the process?
“Well I attempted shearing, which I’ve never done before! I then watched that wool  being processed and spun locally before it was made up into my designs. A fantastic experience!”
Jonna Saarinen and Offset Warehouse

Jonna Saarinen's Work

Jonna Saarinen

What could you not live without?
Life, Art, Marimekko by the Finnish textile designer Maija Isola is a truly inspirational book for anyone who loves any kind of surface design.”

What are you excited to showcase at the Key Skills for Informed Design lecture?
"I have lots of samples, screens and inks for everyone to get stuck into. I'm also bringing along some plain materials and paint brushes, so if anyone is interested in seeing how the inks mix and what they look like, we can do some little experiments! I'm really excited!"

Jonna SaarinenJonna Saarinen 
Heavily influenced by her Finnish roots, nature and Scandinavian folklore, award-winning textile designer Jonna Saarinen marries delicacy, strength and sustainability throughout her work, producing fabrics that are equally at home used in both fashion and interiors. She is committed to minimising the impact of textiles on the environment.

With a BA in Textiles from Central St Martin’s and a Master’s in Printed Textiles from the RCA, Jonna had an impressive track record even before she created her own homewares label and co-founded a new collaboration, JONNAXKANGAN. Her work is sponsored by the makers of Permaset inks – the leading brand of sustainable and chemical-free fabric screen printing inks, and with her background, extensive knowledge and amazing talent, she is an invaluable resource for designers.

What inspires your work?
“I take a lot of inspiration from the natural world around me, but what always brings me back to the drawing board are happy memories from my childhood, summers at the seaside and adventures in my beloved camper van.”

What mediums do you enjoy working with?
“My first love has always been screen printing, but I can’t resist a good-quality fine liner, my good old Pantone pens and the occasional dabble with watercolours and other mixed media.”

So what’s next for you?
“I would love to launch my own print studio.”

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Offset Warehouse Organic Cotton Fringe

Offset Warehouse Organic Cotton Rib - Natural

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