Thursday, 24 October 2013

Thursday's Recipe | Black Macaroons

Perfect for a classy halloween!


50g caster sugar

100g egg whites

110g almond meal

200g icing sugar

1/2 teaspoon salt

black food colouring paste

- in a food processor add the icing sugar and almonds and blend for 30-50 seconds until fine.

- sift into a dish and set aside in a mixing bowl whisk the egg whites until foamy soft peaks form then add the sugar and salt and whisk until stiff glossy peaks form add some black food colouring.

- take a spatula and fold in the sifted almond/sugar mixture.

- be gentle but don’t be too gentle as you want to deflate the bubbles by rubbing the mixture against the bottom of the bowl when you are folding it.

- don’t over mix it, I would suggest reading this piece from brave tart it really helps learn about the methods and the problems you may have when making macarons, go here once you have the mixture pour into a piping bag fitted with a pain nozzle and pipe small circles onto parchment paper (I used silicone macaron mat from and then tap the baking tray against the work top a few times to pop any bubbles.

- leave to sit for 15 minutes to form a skin.

- preheat the oven to 140c bake for 20 minutes.

- to make the black sesame butter cream: 20g sesame paste, 100g butter, 250g icing sugar whip up into a thick butter cream and pipe onto a macaron shell and sandwich another on top.

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