Monday, 2 March 2015

Hi, I’m Amy Ward. I’m studying my Masters degree in...

Hi, I’m Amy Ward. I’m studying my Masters degree in Sustainability in Fashion, at ESMOD Berlin.

My design uses a very basic low waste technique, utilizing the negative space of the pattern to create other parts of the outfit. I know the Hessian is not typically used for clothing like this, but I think the colour is so nice I just wanted to use it, so I thought lining it with the blue and white striped jersey rib could give a nice feel and interesting effect.

I also love the hand-block print and thought the colours are all quite fun and summary together, definitely something quite playful. I find zero waste or low waste design really interesting, and rather than limiting design actually encourages more clever ways of approaching design. If you love fabrics like we do, then sign up for monthly updates!

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