Monday, 2 March 2015

My name is Patricia Soares Gomes and I’m studying B.A...

My name is Patricia Soares Gomes and I’m studying B.A Fashion Design (Hons) at Middlesex University.

The concept behind this collection is durable, sustainable design through no-waste pattern cutting techniques. I started by looking at origami and paper folding techniques as a means of achieving an interesting silhouette whilst not wasting any fabric when designing. This led me to looking at other ways paper has been used previously, especially the work done by artist Carlos Amorales and his ‘Black Cloud’ project. His work inspired my decision to use laser cutting as one of my techniques for surface design, which, for this particular design, depicts instructions on how to make an origami butterfly. However, as laser cutting in itself can be considered wasteful, I will then use the bits of cut out fabric and appliqué them onto another garment.

As for my colour palette I looked at the way different metals rust and react to certain acids. This is due to metal being one of the most durable elements that exist, linking in nicely to the original concept of durable clothing. The fabrics I expect to use in this design, and hopefully my final collection, are the White Silk Organza, the lightweight Charmeuse Satin/Silk and Off-White Peace Silk Taffeta for the skirts of the dress and the Thick Basket Weave Banana fabric for the top. The coat will be made up of 100% wool from the Joel&Sons Company, with trimmings made up of the Charmeuse Satin/Silk. I will conduct my own dyeing as part if my final research project. If you love fabrics like we do, then sign up for monthly updates!

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