Monday, 2 March 2015

I’m Grace a final year Fashion Design student at the...

I’m Grace a final year Fashion Design student at the University of Leeds.

This men’s jacket is from my final collection which aims to minimise the waste from garment production and therefore make the production process more sustainable. The waste fabric resulting from this garment is 0.8% of the fabric used compared to an industry average of 15%.

This design was generated by treating the pattern pieces as jigsaw pieces, trying to find a way to slot the pieces together so there are minimal gaps between them. To make this easier I used a basic pattern that would tessellate well, resulting in the use of a kimono style sleeve. Many of the other features of this garment have been influenced by the shapes of other pattern pieces and the shapes of waste pieces, for example the shape of the hem comes from the shape of the pattern piece from the hood.

The jacket is made from organic cotton denim from Offset, giving a twist on the usual denim jacket. The fabric ties in with the sustainable ethos of the collection allowing it have as small an impact on the environment as possible. As the garment aims to reduce waste only one fabric is used and so colour is conveyed through the components. If you love fabrics like we do, then sign up for monthly updates!

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