Monday, 2 March 2015

Hi, I’m Fayola Kamilah Wilkinson and I’m at...

Hi, I’m Fayola Kamilah Wilkinson and I’m at Nottingham Trent University studying MA Fashion Design.

The starting point of my project was Ancient Greek statues of goddesses. Using key elements such as pleating, draping and consideration of movement, my collection will present a modern and contemporary interpretation of an ancient style of dress. The bodice uses knife pleated ‘natural draped peace silk’, and the skirt; layers of ‘super fine chiffon’ both from Offset Warehouse, dyed with a subtle gradient effect.

Other fabrics I’m exploring using are the lightweight charmeuse satin, natural spun peace silk and cream peace silk organza. If you love fabrics like we do, then sign up for monthly updates!

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